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We are proud to offer all Canadian Athletes access to the same simple, affordable, and convenient Baseline tests for concussion management used by international sports teams and leading university programs.   

This is a critical step in ensuring that all Canadian Athletes have the ability to complete and store Baseline tests, the results of which can be used by Healthcare Providers in their assessment and treatment of suspected concussions or other brain injuries.

"Pre-injury cognitive assessments from Cogstate are an important part of the Peterborough Youth Sports Concussion Program. This incredible tool continues to play an invaluable role in engaging the youth in our community to particpate in the program. The ease of use of the Cogstate CCAT for all literacy levels as we target youth from age 10 to 18, the fact that it is accessible online and the simplicity of the data compilation for our Healthcare Providers, truly makes Cogstate the best partner for a program of this scope."
Primary Health Care Services of Peterborough, Ontario

"I have found the Cogstate on line concussion management system a real help in monitoring Athletes who live all across Canada. I can distribute test credits and monitor test results at anytime of day and at my and my Athletes' convenience. The reasonably priced and individually purchased test credits have allowed Athletes not associated with sports organizations to have access to this valuable aid. The system allows privacy and security while providing essential access to Physicians involved in an Athlete's care."
Dr. N Paul Watson, Head Physician, Rugby Canada 

"Cogstate made Baseline concussion testing stress-free and time efficient. It is nice to be able to group my hockey team Baselines together, pay for all the credits at once, and distribute the credits to the Athletes. I will definitely be using Cogstate again next season." 
Karyn Morrison, Sports Massage Therapist/Trainer
St. Albert Midget AAA Raiders, St. Albert, Alberta 

"We have been very pleased with the whole process involved with testing our Athletes at Citadel High School. The cost for the Cogstate Baseline test is reasonable. The web site provides great resource and administrative materials. And, the support staff is amazing." 
Steve Harris, Athletic Director
Citadel High School, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

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