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Addressing the Growing Need for Cognitive Tests to aid Concussion Management

Cogstate provides quick and cost-effective online cognitive tests for concussion for all Canadian Athletes.   

The technology behind the Cogstate Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) was developed by CogState to help Healthcare Providers measure the cognitive function of Athletes after suspected concussions or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).

Athletes create individual Baseline or "snapshots" of their brains' speed and accuracy using the Cogstate CCAT's four simple tasks. Repeating the same tasks after injury identifies any cognitive changes from the Baseline. This helps indicate whether the brain has fully recovered.  Healthcare  Providers use the test results, along with the Athlete's reported concussion symptoms, in making decisions about when it is safe for Athletes to return to the classroom, practice or competitive play.  

On average, Athletes complete Baseline tests in eight to 10 minutes. Results are available immediately.

Cogstate is proud to lead the way as an innovator in online concussion management tools that address the growing need in Canada for cognitive Baseline and After Injury testing. Its mission is to protect and train the Athletic brain and believes Every Athlete should have access to a Baseline test Every Year. 


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