Dr. David Darby

Behavioral Neurologist & Medical Consultant



David Darby, MB, BS, PhD FRACP, serves as a Neurologist and Medical Consultant for Cogstate.

Dr. Darby is the co-founder of CogState, Melbourne, Australia, and a developer of computerized cognitive tests, including the tasks in the Cogstate Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT).  Dr. Darby's involvement in Cogstate includes his expert advice and speaking engagements regarding medical and science issues.

Dr. Darby is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre of Neuroscience, and Senior Research Fellow at the Florey Neurosciences Institute, University of Melbourne. He has published more than 70 research papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and co-authored the Neuropsychology textbook with Professor Kevin Walsh.

Darby continues to evaluate patients with cognitive impairment at the Repatriation Campus of the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre, Boxhill Hospital and in private.

The tasks in the Cogstate CCAT allow rapid, sensitive, reliable and scientifically validated assessment of cognitive recovery in individual Athletes after concussion. The initial battery was developed in consultation with Dr. Paul McCrory, University of Melbourne, who had been studying neurological conditions and concussion in professional Australian football (AFL) players; and Paul Maruff, CogState Chief Science Officer.

"From our combined experience a novel approach to cognitive testing emerged," said Darby. "The tasks were specifically designed to utilize well understood and validated methodological, practical and statistical principles to optimize the measurement of an Athlete's current cognitive performance and allow detection of change from that Baseline."

Cogstate Medical Guide to the CCAT
This expert guide offers a medical perspective on cognitive testing of Athletes in an overall concussion management program and the Cogstate CCAT.

Strategy Errors: The Most Common Reasons Athletes Don't Earn Acceptable Baseline Test results

There are many reasons why an Athlete many not obtain an acceptable Baseline test result and the coaching that is appropriate may vary depending on the reason. 

How to Interpret Cogstate After Injury Tests: The Time-Recovery Curve
After a concussion, there is a typical time-course recovery curve commonly seen in the Cogstate CCAT After Injury report. 

Managed Return to Play

For Canadian Coaches and Team Managers, Dr. Darby explains a Healthcare Provider's general approach to caring for a concussed Athlete and making return-to-lay decisions.  

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