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  • Doctor / Athletic Trainer FAQ
    • Is Cogstate and its CCAT subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA )?
    • I’ve been given an Athlete’s Cogstate Baseline test result. What now?
    • How do I set up a Clinic account so my patients can automatically share their results with me through Cogstate?
    • How do I interpret an Cogstate Baseline test result?
    • A Baseline result is mildly worse than a previous result. What does this mean?
    • Can I add a Baseline test to an Athlete’s annual physical?
    • How can I administer After Injury tests in my clinic?
    • My patient has established an acceptable Baseline and now has suffered a concussion. How can I use the Cogstate CCAT in my concussion management?
    • How do I interpret an Cogstate After Injury test?
    • How do I use the Cogstate CCAT after concussion if the Athlete has not completed and stored an acceptable Baseline test result?
    • What is the validity of the Cogstate CCAT?
    • How do I learn more about concussion and its current management?

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